Metallic water proofing

Using special metal (zinc – lead & copper) this material purses material This type of insulation used in planter beds – roofs & historical places

Non metallic water proofing

1- Cold applied Fields of used
1- Water proof coating for roofs –wet rooms- floor & under ground structure
2- Protective coating for foundation and under ground structure against aggressive salts and chemical in soil in under ground water
3- Can be used as an additive for plastering cement mortar to increase its impermeability and resistance to rising damp


1- Single component
2- Easily applied by (brush –roller or spraying)
3- Can be applied on dry and damp surface
4- Excellent adhesion properties to all surfaces
5- High coverage rate
6- Low cost compared with hot applied water proofing

Water proofing membrane

(MBM) using modified bitumen membrane in wide construction range.


1-APP- plastomeric water proofing membrane
2- SBS –elastomeric water proofing membrane
Using bitumen membrane with composite and polyester reinforcement
This type of water proofing used for:
1- flat & slop roofs
2- under ground structure
3- Re-roofing works
4- Wet area
5- Swimming pool
6- Plant beds


Bitumen applied by using propane torch or hot air generator as well as by mechanical fastening. The substrate surface must be clean, dry, smooth and free from any grace & oil According to the surface condition .a coat of primer may required prior to the application of membrane Bitumen can applied to substrate fully bonded –semi bonded – or loss laid ,the method of adhesion to substrate shall be decided according to water proofing system design Side laps should be from 8- 10 cm ,while end laps should be from 12- 15 cm.