HSQ Policy

UTI company is committed to providing a safe and healthy workplace and conducting its business activities in a manner that protects the environment.

To achieve these goals, all Company locations shall adhere to the following Principles:

Identification and evaluation

of all HSQ hazards or aspects and the management of those risks to reduce their impacts to acceptable levels.


with all applicable HSQ legislation.


of incidents, injuries, and pollution.


of the conditions and behaviors that contribute to incidents and injuries.


the company health practice.


high level of awareness.


of waste and conservation of resources.


and communicating HSQ performance throughout the organization.


improvement of HSQ performance.


optimum emergency preparedness standards

Elements of HSQ PROGRAM

Risk Assessment

On the UTI company objective is to apply OHS Risk Assessment is to ensure that the legal Requirement to identify and control hazards arising from insulation and related activities undertaken in the workplace has a consistent approach across the University

Permit to Work System

UTI Company has committed efforts and resources to develop and enforce safe working practices; in order to ensure that all work performed is controlled by the Permit to Work System The Project, Owner’s Permit to work System Will Be Applied

HSQ training

UTI company setup, implementation annual training plan for all employees under its umbrella including subcontractor, this training plan shall include all work related hazards and different method of controlling order to increase our employees qualifications and knowledge
HSQ objectives and targets
UTI setup HSQ objectives and targets in which the employees aiming for These targets will motivate employees as well as these objectives will increase the commitments of the employees towards HSQ


UTI company setup, implement and maintain emergency plan this plan defines the emergency response guidelines of the UTI company.

The plan concentrates on early organizing the maintenance services that can be requested by the client in case of emergencies. The plan is considered an integrated part to the owner’s emergency response plan.

It includes Emergency situations, which may be raised or likely to arise at normal / abnormal operations and conditions. The main purpose for the emergency plan is:

1. To prescribe sufficient and consistent insulation preparedness to deal with all expected types of emergencies.
2. Is to provide the emergency, involving with well-trained insulation personnel supported by the right resources, aided by efficient communications, backed by an alert administration to be able to cover the requirements for controlling the emergency case.
3. To get the insulation team familiar with the client emergency alarm facilities.
4. To ensure that the insulation manpower will be assembled in safe places.
5. To enhance the insulation emergency controls in order to prevent escalation of the emergency cases.
6. To restore normal insulation activities as soon as possible after all clear is announced.

Accident/Incident Investigation & Reporting

UTI company setup, implement procedure for accident /incident investigation to:
1. Prevent future accidents by identifying and eliminating the causes
2. Demonstrate concern about people’s health and safety
3. Improve worker morale
4. Identify weaknesses in management time
5. Prevent business loses
6. Collate accident and ill-health data and identify trends
7. Defend criminal cases
8. Defend claims for compensation

Reduce Environment aspects

Company committed to protect the environment from the aspects that raise from it activities to the allowable legal limits also to dispose wastes in environmental safely manner

HSQ Inspection and audits

HSQ inspections and audits considered on the proactive tolls to remove accident causes
HSQ audits and inspections are conducted in periodically manner by HSQ staff
The reports include positive points, negative point and recommendations.
Corrective action plan for violation will be applied within reasonable time frame

Off job safety

Objectives of the Off-the-Job Safety
1. To identify the major hazards associated with the off the job activities.
2. To provide protective measures to help the individuals to avoid the accidents related to the associated hazards.
3. To give guidance for controlling the emergency conditions caused by the off the job hazards.

Iso 45001:2018 implementation

Company setup implement and procedures comply with the Iso 45001:2018

ISO 9001:2015 implementation

Company setup implement and procedures comply with the ISO 9001:2015