Thermal insulation

Hot insulation

Supplying & installation
Hot insulation serving wide range of company applied for various equipment and different product according to international ASTM and standard

Hot insulation applied for




Tanks & vessels



Furnaces & oven Material

rock wool ( mineral wool )

Available in premolded pipes (pipe section) – blanket - slabs ( boards ) & loss In different thickness & density & different country orgin (Holland – turkey- Saudi – Egyptian)

Ceramic fiber

Blanket resists temperature as high as 2300º. This material is lightweight and has very low thermal conductivity, excellent handling strength, low heat storage, thermal shock resistance and corrosion resistance (commonly used acid and alkali). It also provides excellent sound absorption and excellent fire protection. (available in different thickness & density)

Calcium silicate

Non-asbestos Calcium Silicate insulation board and pipe insulation feature with light weight, low thermal conductivity, high temperature and chemical resistance. Calcium Silicate is rigid, high density material used for high temperature applications ranging 250 oF (121 oC) - 1000 oF (540 oC).

Cold insulation

Polyurethane (foam)

A polyurethane foam compound for , characterized in that it comprises a polyol and an isocyanate as main components, and also a crosslinking agent; , characterized in that it is prepared by foaming, curing and crosslinking the compound; a method for securing the close contact of an ink holder, which comprises using the above described ink holder, and placing the ink holder in an ink tank for containing an ink in a manner such that the ink holder is attached to the inner wall of the ink tank. It has low density & thermal conductivity Available in pipe section – board – ( or by injection )

Glass wool

This product used for cold –hot & anti sweat insulation but in small temperature range It's made from molten glass spun into microfibers. Also this kind available in (slabs –blanket – pipe section ) with & without aluminum foil cover read more Cellular glass Cellular glass insulation is composed of crushed glass combined with a cellulating agent. These components are mixed, placed in a mold, and then heated to a temperature of approximately 950 oF. During the heating process, the crushed glass turns to a liquid. Decomposition of the cellulating agent will cause the mixture to expand and fill the mold. The mixture creates millions of connected, uniform, closed-cells and form at the end a rigid insulating material. Low tempreturace range to 260 oC) and high tem rang to 480 oC)


Available all insulation accessories ( bands – clips – toggle latches-tapes –aluminum foil –mastic self screw taping bolts etc…….